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The Staten Island District Attorney, formally known as the Richmond County Prosecutors Office has taken a string stance against drunk drivers. The penalties are getting stronger every year. A first time offender can expect to have his licence revoked, car impounded, face arrest and possbile jail time. The DWI DUI cases are handled by the Criminal Court Bureau of the office. Each year this office prosecutes thousands of DWI DUI cases and they are very experienced in handling these types of matters.

The usual arresting authority is the NYPD highway unit. Because of the many highways that pass through State Island, there is usually a good chance that police officers are waiting to pull over drivers they see as maybe being drunk. The political pressure on the police has increased, so DWI DUI arrests have become a priority for the NYPD. A recent surevy found that the average DWI DUI arrest costs the defendant over $10,000.00 in fines, and increased insurance costs. Many times, in a rush to judgement the NYPD will violate its own rules and even arrest people without probable cause just to show that they are being tough on DWI DUI cases.

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